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Borderland Retreats
Leominster Herefordshire

Borderlands Retreats takes its name not only from its proximity to the English/Welsh border but also because it seeks to be a threshold between heaven and earth enabling us to explore the liminal places of prayer. Retreats are led by spiritual writer Canon Dr Andrew D. Mayes TSSF, SRC, and a book accompanies each retreat. They are based at 17th century Vine Cottage, with its library/oratory. The walled garden is an oasis of prayer with six meditation areas: herb, vine and water garden; woodland area canopied by a 250 year-old tree; walled garden, quiet area, decked area in vegetable garden, and summerhouse. Norman Leominster Priory with its stunning abortorium churchyard and riverside Easters Wood are 4 minutes walk away. We offer warm Franciscan hospitality and with alfresco dining when possible. Leominster is very accessible, being on a main rail line with easy connections to London, Birmingham etc. One single, one double rooms are available. There are three silent cats and one silent dog who will not disturb you!

June 14-17 Beyond the Edge: spiritual transitions for adventurous souls 
July 12-15 Sensing the Divine: rediscovering God’s world with John’s Gospel 
August 9-12 Diving for Pearls: discovering the depths of prayer with Isaac the Syrian  (7th cent)
September 13-16 Learning the Language of the Soul 

See Gallery for pictures. Email Andrew for booking enquiries.

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