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discovering pathways to growth


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Andrew produces a range of resources to inspire and invigorate the spiritual journey.

 The author of 15 books on spirituality, he writes materials for groups and individuals. They spring from his 40 years of being a priest and from his experience as a Franciscan. All are tried and tested with churches before publication. He has written modules for the University of Chichester and the University of Newfoundland. Andrew is passionate about the potentiality of the soul for growth and exploration, inspired by the imperative to 'reach out to what lies ahead' (Phil. 3:13).


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Andrew is an international teacher of spirituality. He leads courses each year at St George's College Jerusalem, where he was course director - now associate professor. He has led seminars at Yale Divinity School and at Virginia Theological College. He has been the keynote speaker for the annual conference of Spiritual Directors in Australia and led the annual Quiet Day for Westminster Abbey. He has led a training course for new spiritual directors in Sussex.


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Until recently Andrew has been the Spirituality Adviser to the Diocese of Cyprus & the Gulf. He is an experienced spiritual director and mentor. He leads quiet days and retreats in UK and worldwide.

Gregory of Nyssa (4th century)

"No limit can interrupt growth in the ascent to God"

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